Study On The Gold Coast: What’s In It For You

If you’ve always wanted to live in a vibrant, multicultural city with beautiful weather and lots of opportunities, Australia’s Gold Coast should be at the very top of your destination list.

It’s home to 287 sunny days each year, 70 kilometres of gorgeous coastline and subtropical rainforests-- so it’s no wonder it’s one of the fastest growing parts of Australia. You’ll find cool coffee shops, beaches filled with surfers, food from all over the world-- and so much more.


Who wouldn’t want to live there?

It’s also home to awesome educational institutions like Barrington College where you can soak up all that the area has to offer while expanding your education and career opportunities. It makes sense to study in a place you’ll love-- especially a place with so much to offer.

Australia attracts hundreds of thousands of students from all over the world each year, many of them drawn to the Gold Coast to pursue an education and expand their skillset. So what can you expect as a student studying on the sunny Gold Coast?

Getting to the Gold Coast

First, you’ll need to do a few things in order to study in Australia-- like getting accepted into an education program and obtaining a student visa. The good news? We’ve got you covered with everything you’ll need to know about the process.

This International Students’ Guide to Landing in Australia will help you minimise all the packing, travel, arrival, and customs fuss and get to the beach ASAP.

Life on the Gold Coast

Once you’ve arrived with your student visa, beach towel and sunscreen (plus a few suitcases, of course!), the Gold Coast is your new playground.

You’ll wake up in the morning, pick up a coffee from a cafe on the way to class and spend the morning learning about topics you’ve chosen to study because they interest you.

You’ll spend your lunchtime on the campus, sitting outside (remember those 287 sunny days per year!) while meeting students from all over the world.

Your afternoon may be spent in class, plus a few hours at your internship where you take all the classroom knowledge you’ve learned and impress your internship colleagues.

After class and work, you’ll have incredible dining options to consider. Have you ever tried food from five different countries within one night? If you’re hungry enough -- you can! The Gold Coast has a lively and diverse restaurant scene with food for every diet and preference.

Once the weekend rolls around, the fun really begins.

If you’d like to put that beach towel and bathing suit to good use, head over to one of the breathtaking beaches that line the Gold Coast. Grab some friends and go on a hike through rainforests and coastline trails. Visit the galleries and museums, like Surf World Gold Coast which is the only surfing museum in Queensland. Spend your weekend dancing away at one of the many music festivals.

Studying On The Gold Coast1.jpg

There’s so much to do here.

A helpful tip: never ignore the entertainment suggestions of your local Aussie friends and neighbours. They’ll know the best spots-- and might even bring you along!

The Gold Coast Experience

There are two types of Gold Coast experiences when studying abroad: the experience inside the classroom and the experience outside of the classroom.

In the classroom, you’ll pursue subjects and courses that you’re interested in, meet students with similar interests and work with instructors who are experts in their fields. Combined with some lively class discussion and projects designed to give hands-on experience, you’ll be able to take away actionable lessons that you’ll use throughout your life and career. You can learn more about our courses here.

Studying On The Gold Coast2.jpg

Outside of the classroom, you may be able to work a part-time job or hold an internship, which can give you new skills, knowledge and Australian work experience. You’ll not only have more to add to your CV but practical knowledge and lessons that you wouldn’t otherwise receive.

There’s another outside-of-the-classroom experience, by the way. Immersing yourself in Australian culture will give you a new and bigger perspective on the world and expose you to new thoughts and lifestyles. You’ll better understand other viewpoints and opinions-- and maybe even help your new friends understand your culture better.

Are you ready to study on the Gold Coast?

At this point, you might be enthusiastically shopping for airline tickets to Australia-- and have half your suitcase packed.

We can’t blame you!

The Gold Coast is the perfect blend of paradise and life-changing educational opportunity, a destination that gives you a mix of city life, beautiful nature, multicultural exposure and the chance to finally study what interests you. That’s a powerful combination-- and exactly why so many students choose the Gold Coast for their studies abroad.

Do you need help finding education opportunities for international students in Australia? Check out what international courses you can take with Barrington College.

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